Private Auction – For one asset that both parties want

A private auction is an ideal solution where more than one of the co-owners want to buy the other’s share. It can be used in both family law and non-family law matters. It is also relatively inexpensive and cost-effective.

This is a better solution than forcing the sale of the property or arbitrarily transferring to one party at a specified price. It can produce a ‘win-win’ outcome for the former co-owners, because

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When your client cannot give instructions, you may need a Case Guardian

(also called Litigation Guardian / Guardian ad Litem / Next Friend)

Litigation takes a toll on the physical and mental health of the best of our clients.

What can you do if your client does not have the physical or mental capacity to give instructions? Often this may be the type of case that has already been set down for trial once, and the trial judge has allowed an adjournment on the basis that the trial is going ahead next time, come what may.

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